Mars – step 3


mars_1908.Willy analyzes the  maps from Giovanni-Virginio-Schiaparelli and like Schiaparelli argues that the Mars canali most probably have been built by humans. I read somewhere that the best binoculars at that time showed up lines on Mars because of light effects. Modern telescopes do not show these lines. The “canali”  had to be enormous. Willy discussed deeply the necessity of these walls to bring water from the poles to the equator and how these walls could have been built, builiding just the damns/walls. The story of Mars canals are discussed in 

1877 map of Mars by Giovanni Schiaparelli. Source: Wiki)

The map Schiaparelli and Willy uses are very similar to Proctors maps of Mars. proctors

Read about Proctors images and  the development of telescopes in

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